ConformiTICs Lab


CerTrust Ltd., TAM CERT Ltd. and SAASCO Ltd. have established ComformiTICs Lab Ltd. specialized in conformity assessment. Mr. Ágoston Loth was appointed general manager of the company.

The new laboratory conducts tests in accordance with standards at the site of the company in Váci út , Budapest, performed by technical experts who possess great proficiency and experience.

ComformiTICs Lab Ltd. continuously extends its portfolio and accreditations.

Currently we offer inspections in the following fields:

  • an extensive range of electrical inspections;
  • EMC, acoustic measurements;
  • material characterization and metallography;
  • environmental tests (climate , humidity, IP, salt spray, dust etc.);
  • mechanical tests and vibration;
  • full-scale photometric and lighting testing ;

If you require further information on the planning and implementation of the tests and inspections, do not hesitate to contact us at